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Join Carlos, Nev, Captain Jeff, Dr Steph, Captain Nick, Eoin, Rob Mark, Brian Coleman, Micah, Captain Al, Grant McHerron, Matt and the lovely Mila for a very special, fun packed, festive episode.

In today's chaotic event we discuss the special 24 hour New Year's Eve Flight by private jet, one UK based carrier is giving away free Salt and Pepper shakers for Christmas and as the annual summary of figures commence it's our top-ten of US flight cancellations.

Nev really did save the best for last in a very special Nev's Passenger Experience as he interviews one of the Spice Girls - Melanie C.

It's been an amazing year for us here at PTUK towers. We have the most incredible listeners. Thank you sooo much for being such an important member of our aviation community.

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