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Plane Talking UK Podcast Episode 35

Join Carlos & Simon live from the kitchen studio for another news & info packed show where this week we chat about Carlos's latest trip to Oman & his transfer woes also Simon has his military news & airshow dates for 2014.

We are also nearly 1 year old since our first episode 1 which we released on the 6th November 2014!! so in two weeks time we are going to run a competition to win a PTUK calendar !

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Carlos brings you a Quickcast from Oman about his not so great experience with transfer flights & delays.

Only a quick show 

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Plane Talking UK Podcast Episode 34

Join Carlos & Simon whos back in the PTUK studio this week for another show paqcked with all the news from around the UK & world airline news.

Simon tells us about his aviation tour with David Harris & what hes been up to.

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Plane Talking UK Podcast Episode 33

Join Carlos for episode 33 this week where Simon is out of the studio on location with David Harris so joining me to fill the co-host seat is none other than The host of the Plane Safety Podcast Pilot Pip.

We go over the weekly news and chat about Pips awesome job & also pip has a few bits of info as well .

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