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Plane Talking UK Podcast Episode 50

Join Carlos & Matt for episode 50 of the show where this week we have a very special guest indeed in the studio .

Rodney Blois !

In 2009, Rodney flew a PA32 round the world via Mongolia, Siberia and Alaska. Holds a PPL//IR 

Rodney has also been presented with a Master Air Pilot Award from GAPAN for life-time services to aviation!

He tells us about some of his amazing flights where he was chased across america by Homeland Security had a engine failure & lots lots more.

Special thanks to Rodney for being on the show 


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Plane Talking UK Podcast Episode 49

Join Carlos & Matt for another news packed show where this week we have some interesting news on a man who traveled home with Ryanair using a bus pass & some more news on the kc-390 transport aircraft programme.

Carlos also tells us of his not so great experience using Ryanair's onboard facilitys!!

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Hope you all enjoy the show....

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Plane Talking UK Podcast Episode 48

Join Carl and Matt for their regular trawl through this week's Aviation and Military related headlines from the various news wires from around the world.

Roles are reversed for this one as Carl is busy sunning himself in Lanzarote leaving Matt in-charge of the buttons and faders in his conservatory studio.

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Plane Talking UK Podcast Episode 47

Join Carlos and Matt for another jam packed show with all the usual banter, covering the important aviation stories in this week's news from the UK and around the world. Headlines include more good news thanks to falling oil prices, Business Class expansion for budget airline and a couple of top tens' - Who doesn't enjoy a good chart? ;-)

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