Plane Talking UK's Podcast

Join Carlos and Matt for their usual trawl through the weeks major commercial and military aviation news.

Stories include an update on the Las Vegas 777 Engine Fire and a CAA Investigation for a low cost airline not adhering to EU legislation.

The wonderful Betty also drops in via Skype to tell us all about her 10 years 'Podcasting' from the skies.

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Join Carlos and Matt for a rather chaotic run through this weeks' big aviation related stories. 

In this week's episode, we have an update on that big engine fire in Las Vegas and an amazing potential technological upgrade for helicopters. 

Also joining us 'Via Satellite' in Marseille is the Legendary Pilot Pip.

Don't miss this one, it's a busy ole show. :-)

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Plane Talking UK Podcast Episode 77

Join Carlos & Matt for episode 77 which along with a audio show we also were live via YouTube ! .

This week we have all the top news stories including the BA 777-200 uncontained engine faliure in Vegas and some news on BA's B787-9 dreamliner .

Also as a special treat this week we welcome Mark Maiden from the "Maiden Flight Podcast" he joins us via skype to help us host the show .

Find Mark on iTunes "Maiden Flight Podcast" and check him out at maiden flight Podcast 

We Also have our regular segment from Pilot Pip from the Plane Safety Podcast find Pip at Plane Safety Podcast and listen to his awesome show.


Again we would like to thank all you guys & girls for listening to us each week we do love bringing the show to you and would love your feedback.

Please contact the show via this link Contact The Show and leave us your feedback.

Join us next week for episode 78! 


Carlos & Matt

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Join Carlos and Matt for their very latest podcast now in glorious visual technicolor!

In the news this week we have the very latest on the Shoreham Air Crash, the two big low cost Airlines reporting further increases in passenger numbers and the passenger related rankings for international airports go public.

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Join Carlos and Matt for their weekly trawl through the weeks important aviation related stories.

In this weeks news Delta Airlines add more flights to their schedule, a long standing deal with RyanAir and Hertz officially comes to an end and a Moroccan Flight Crew deny unscheduled in-flight entertainment.

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