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Carlos and Matt introduce the first part of the interviews Carlos took at the Malta Aviation Museum.

We also have some festive messages from a few of our listeners. Merry Christmas to all our loyal listeners / viewers.

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Join Carlos and Matt for their last trawl of 2015 through the big aviation stories of the week.

In this week's episode we discuss one airlines decision to extend their 'no fly' into Sharm, another low cost airline extends their network to include Luton airport and the Netherlands finally retire one of their helicopter fleets after 51 years.

We also announce the winners of this year's christmas competition.

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Join Carlos, Matt and our partner in Crime Pilot Pip for their (slightly) festive trawl through this week's aviation related stories.

In the news this week we discuss a rather worrying incident involving a low cost carrier, the lastest cancellation / delay figures are released (not good news for UK carriers) and sad news regarding the Manchester Air Show.

We also play out our last set of interviews Carlos took at the Malta Air Show.

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Join Carlos, Matt for their usual trawl through this week's big Aviation stories along with their very special guest Dr Steph.

Highlights include Richard Branson setting his sights on space travel again, a dry solder joint is cited as the cause in the Indonesian Air Crash and FinnAir launch a pilot recruitment drive.

Thanks to all those in the chat room this week for their patience and who had some great questions for Dr Steph. :-)

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