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Join Carlos and Matt from PTUK Towers for their usual trawl through the big Aviation stories of the week.

In today's show we discuss an unusual and rare moment of passenger joy for one low cost airline, low cost transatlantic flights look set to become a reality thanks to a german carrier and the sad loss of a pilot over the Hudson river.

Our 'in-house' safety expert briefs us on the procedures and decisions involved in the rare event of a pilot becoming incapacitated.

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Join Carlos and Matt from PTUK Towers for their usual flick through the Aviation headlines this week.

In today's episode (recorded 20/05/16 18:00 UCT) we cover the latest on the Egypt Air incident, low cost carriers feature highly and Matt officially loses control of the show during a top ten run down.

The Maine Man discusses the ever growing problem with inaccurate and sensationalist journalism.

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Join Carlos, Matt and Captain Al as they take a run through the big aviation stories of the week.

In this episode we discuss one carrier's desire to be able to offer ALL it's passengers fast enough in-flight WiFi for streaming NetFlix, We discuss the issues and possibilities involving low cost transatlantic flight and a spot of engine trouble forces an unplanned landing for Delta.

Pilot Pip discusses Turbulence in his latest safety segment and the 'Mainman Micah chats about his favourite airline.

We're compiling our own top ten amongst our wonderful listeners - We'd like to know who you think is the best airline in the world. Send your vote in to us at

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Join Carlos and Nevil as they take a trawl through the stories hitting the Aviation headlines this week.

In this episode they discuss Amazon inking a distribution deal with a Atlas Air, yet more incredibly irresponsible passengers on a Ryan Air flight and new competition enters the German domestic market.

Nevil comes to the rescue as Matt ends up being stranded on a Train en-route to London - Many thanks Nevil! :-D

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Join Carlos, Matt and David as they take their weekly trawl through the big stories of the week.

In today's episode we discuss the tragic news involving an Norwegian operated helicopter, more passengers strengthen the case for not allowing alcohol 'in-flight' and more woes with the A320neo could mean a devastating blow to AirBus.

We also talk to David as he begins his adventure into the wonderful world of aviation.

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