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Join Carlos, Matt and Eoin as they take a stroll through the big aviation stories of the week.

In today's episode we talk baggage chaos at Gatwick, low cost carriers start selling transatlantic flights and a massive recruitment drive starts for pilots with one Luton based low cost carrier.

We talk airshows in the military as the Americans begin their 70th anniversary air force celebrations.

Matt Bunting-Frame shares with us a great interview he took at Wings-Over-Illawarra with the hardest person to get hold of in the entire podcast community Steve Visscher.

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Join Carlos, Nev, First Officer Craig and a surprise guest appearance by Captain Al for this week's Post Pittsburgh show.

In today's episode it all kicks off with a stag do for one low cost carrier, Royalty has been flying commoners around without them realising and one passenger attempts to open the door during flight.

We talk to Craig about his amazing achievements for someone so young.

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Join Carlos, Matt, The APG Crew and a very special LIVE audience for this week's show which was live from Pittsburgh.

In this week's episode it was another bad week of PR for one American Carrier, we talk the 'Best Airline Customer Service' and an 'Electronics Travel Ban' looks like it could be a real possibility for flights from Europe to the USA.

Wow it's been an incredible few days here in Pittsburgh and we've got some great content to share with you in the coming months.

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Join Carlos, Matt, Eoin, Don Sebastian, Nick Taylor, Paul Kendrick and our very special guest Karlene Petitt for an epic episode of the show.

In this episode we discuss the sad demise of a national flag carrier, China unveils it's own rival to the big Aerospace Manufacturers and an American Aerospace manufacturer celebrates a big order.

Don Sebastian walks us through a typical day in the office as he appraises a couple of aircraft for a potential customer.

Karlene Petitt talks to us about her love of Aviation and walks us through some of the great novels she's written; she also lets us in on some new projects she has in the pipeline.

Pilot Pip shares with us what takes place once the pilots are at cruise altitude.

Paul and Nick introduce us to their incredible new project that's based in London. To find out more about what they're up to, click on the links below :

A really special show to be have been a part of this week, thanks to everyone who was involved both on the show and in the chatroom.

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