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In a week where one Nordic airline is boasting about being the launch customer for the latest Airbus jetliner Carlos, Nev, Brian and Matt take you through their usual wander through the world of aviation.

We're discussing the challenging environment ground crew work in as we cover two tarmac wing collisions at two airports, everyone's (not so) favourite American carrier are trialling a new private terminal at LAX airport and Boeing announce folding wings for their Triple 7.

Pip reminds us that even experienced Pilots are always learning as he brings us his second PPE episode and Nev talks to Mat Caton and his Passenger Experiences.

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Join Carlos, Nev and Matt for their usual trawl through the big Aviation stories of the week.

In today's episode we discuss a very healthy boost in profits for one UAE carrier, Nev adds yet another article to his 'Media Fails' podcast courtesy of a Luton based low cost carrier whilst one of their rival Captain's deals with a sharp manual overspeed correction.

In the Military we learn that the F16 gets it's service life extended and work commences on ways to protect transporters and other vulnerable aircraft from long range missiles.

Armando talks VANs from the Aero Expo 2018.

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Join Carlos, Nev, Eoin, Captain Nick and Matt for today's trawl through the big aviation related stories.

In a week where another carrier retires their last 747 we're talking the issues being generated by some low cost carriers when land luggage is going in the hold, another passenger opens the emergency exit on the tarmac and one company is touting new restraints for that 'difficult' passenger.

In the military it's sad news involving a C130 crash and it's a tense time for German forces as their fleet of EuroFighers are 'down to four'.

Nev talks to Jan Hübner about his travels in the latest passenger experience.

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