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Join Carlos and Matt from the Lounge Studio this week as they take trawl through the big aviation news stories that have caught their eye.

In today's programme we find a very disgruntled passenger with their shredded suitcase, BA launch a direct flight to Pittsburgh and as the usual weather returns to the UK a Chinese Airline is forced to make an emergency landing due to extreme hail.

In the military we say goodbye to a WW2 legend who passed away this week and a rare glimpse into the spec for the new Airforce One is offered.

The first of our Farnborough Specials feature the handover of the A380 to HiFly and a guided tour inside.

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Join Carlos, Nev and Matt along with a whole plethora of extra special guests LIVE from the home of British Aviation.

In today's episode we discuss one low cost carrier's continuing problems with Pilot Strikes, the usual legacy carrier celebrates their new 777 order and the Dutch government take a bold step by introducing an airport tax.

Captain Al takes us on a tour of his favourite food vendors and we discuss dry cleaning options with the Prince of HarpJet.

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Join Carlos, Nev, Grant McHerron and Dave Homewood for this week's episode.

In today's show we discover that it may well not be your imagination in regards to the restrooms in the air, the summer offers for passengers are rolled out by one legacy carrier and the Beluga XL gets it's maiden flight details released.

In the Military the RAF are celebrating taking delivery of their 20th Atlas Transport and Airbus demonstrate their automatic refuelling system.

We're looking forward to catching up with you all at Farnborough International Airshow 20th - 22nd July 2018. Get in touch via and follow our social media for where PTUK / PSP and APG are holding their joint meetup.

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Your hosts for the show this week are 'Sir Nevil of Bounds', the 'Prince of HarpJet', the 'Flight Fear King' and a rather drunk Matt.

In today's episode a radio station in Alesbury meet a man with 4000 foot arms, details of strike action with one of the big low cost carriers emerge and more information on a long running buy-out negotiations involving one of the big aviation manufacturers are made public.

In the Military we're talking more of the RAF 100th Flypast, the US Navy are adding to their fleet of Osprey and Captain Al becomes rather obsessed with The Rotherham Star.

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