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Join Carlos, Nev and Matt for the first show of 2018.

In today's episode we're talking impatient passengers in Malaga, issues are highlighted in the damage drones could make to an aircraft and restoration continues on a valuable piece of flying history.

It's time to announce our Christmas Competition winners and we thank you for all the entries we received this year. We're going to do another competition in the summer so stay tuned!

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Join Matt for the last show of 2017.

In this special episode we present our final interview with Cindy and Gill from the Orbis Eye Hospital at the Dubai Airshow, there's another chance to hear Nev chatting to Richard Westcott from the BBC, Pilot Pip says goodbye to his beloved Hawker, Bob Grimstead talks to Carlos and Nev about his incredible flying career and we finish some outtakes from last week's Christmas special.

The Christmas competition closes on Friday 5th January 2018 and the draw will take place during the LIVE show that evening at 19:00. If you haven't done so already, get your entries in to

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The 200th Episode is just around the corner and we cannot wait! :-D

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Join Carlos, Nev, Captain Jeff, Dr Steph, Captain Nick, Eoin, Rob Mark, Brian Coleman, Micah, Captain Al, Grant McHerron, Matt and the lovely Mila for a very special, fun packed, festive episode.

In today's chaotic event we discuss the special 24 hour New Year's Eve Flight by private jet, one UK based carrier is giving away free Salt and Pepper shakers for Christmas and as the annual summary of figures commence it's our top-ten of US flight cancellations.

Nev really did save the best for last in a very special Nev's Passenger Experience as he interviews one of the Spice Girls - Melanie C.

It's been an amazing year for us here at PTUK towers. We have the most incredible listeners. Thank you sooo much for being such an important member of our aviation community.

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Join Carlos, Nev and a whole plethora of of guests as Matt appears to get some practice in for the Christmas MegaCast next week.

In today's episode we discuss an A380 Test Pilot who draws a very festive route over Germany, one low cost carrier ramps up their battle with Pilot Unions whilst another commences their $199 New York route from Amsterdam.

It was so good to welcome Captain Al back into the fold this week but unfortunately that meant we did run out of time for the Military today - He was very pleased with himself for that!

The Christmas competition for this week is in full swing so check social media for the questions and get your 7 (or possibly 9 according to Captain Al) answers in to

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Join Nev, Matt and Eoin for this week's trawl through the Aviation News.

In today's episode we're talking a mixed week for one UK Flag carrier, threats of pilot strikes upset our favourite low cost airline CEO and as Christmas approaches one carrier is offering speedy boarding to those wearing Ugly Festive Jumpers!

In the Military we're discussing F35's a bird strike causes great confusion with one in Lebanon, and one middle eastern air force declares their new fleet ready for action.

Don't forget our Christmas competition for this year is up and running, check social media for the questions and get your answers and any feedback you have to

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Join Carlos, Nev, Matt, Dr Steph and a whole heap of very special friends for this week's episode of the show.

In today's programme we discuss the fascinating world of Air Freight, there's a real feeling of 'Class' divide for one national airline and one eastern airline crosses the Atlantic using waste cooking oil as it's fuel.

Nev talks with Bushi Pearson about her thankfully unique passenger experience and our first of three segments Carlos made from his visit to the Dubai Airshow.

In the Military, one Russian manufacturer rolls out their first remanufactured bomber and we celebrate the Adrenaline junkies that are the RAF.

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Join Carlos, Nev and Pilot Pip for another Aviation-Tastic episode of the show.

In today's programme we discuss the tragic collision between a helicopter and a GA aircraft, there's a worrying story involving pilots carrying LOADED handguns and one low cost airline offer an affordable solution to the aged-old baggage allowance issue.

Nev talks to Mike Stead about his passenger experiences and in the military Iomax announce their Block 2 aircraft.

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Join Nev, Eoin and Matt as they have a trawl through the week's big aviation news stories.

In today's episode we discuss the first A380 going out of service, There's exciting news for both Airbus and Boeing at the Dubai Air Show and there's some skilled flying that prevents disaster at Belfast Airport as a Nose Wheel goes missing.

Nev talks to AJ about his Passenger Experiences and Matt talks to Micah, Dave and many more friends in the famous Katz Deli

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Join Carlos, Matt and Howard Asbridge as they take a trawl through this week's big aviation news stories.

In today's show we discuss one airline's decision to weigh it's passengers instead of their luggage, there's a rumour going round that one Middle-Eastern carrier is binning it's first class section and a long standing cabin crew dispute is finally settled with a National Carrier.

Nev talks to Mike Jones about his extensive Low Cost Airline Experience and we have some great feedback from Eoin and Micah.

Howard Asbridge talks to us about some of his amazing projects from the world of Avion Video - If you're a commercial aviation enthusiast then his video collection and website are an absolute MUST SEE -

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Join a packed panel of friends as they take a trawl through the Aviation News highlights of the week.

In today's episode Carlos, Nev, Micah, Pip, Jenn-ifer and Matt as they discuss one lucky lady who had a return flight from Crete all to herself, plans to reduce the in-cabin allowance on THAT low cost airline are delayed and further security screenings are implemented on all US-bound flights.

Nev chats to Ed Cook about his passenger experiences.

In the military we find the Russians feeling generous as they give away 6 MIGS, they RAF look for anti-virus software for their fighter jets and the USAF begin F22 training in Europe.

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