Plane Talking UK's Podcast (aviation)

Join Carlos, Matt and Matt (yeah, very confusing) for this week's show.

In today's episode we learn all about a new Canadian low cost carrier, a pilot shortage is reaping havoc for one carrier as it struggles to maintain it's schedule and a UK based firm celebrates a new contract with AirBus.

In the military we discover that India has got it's cheque book out and RAF Surveillance aircraft are grounded due to a technical fault.

Matty Fab is our guest and talks us though his latest training in his quest to become a pilot.

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Join Carlos and Matt as they take their usual weekly trawl through the big Aviation stories.

In today's show we cover another low cost airline 'In-Flight' bust up, the world's shortest international flight and we discover a fantastic fundraising solution for aviation enthusiasts everywhere.

In the Military the highlights include some red faces at RAF Lakenheath as sonic boom is heard over Norwich and great news as the Red Arrow's future is secured - Time for an aircraft upgrade maybe? ;-)

We also reveal our listeners choices in our Livery Poll.

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Join Carlos, Matt and Grant from PCDU for the regular weekly skim through the big aviation related news stories.


In this episode we discuss some good news for the Boeing 747, a couple of worrying air incidents and we pay our respects to Bob Hoover.


We have the usual informative segment from Pip about the Oxygen systems and we have some great feedback from Jenny in Rome and Glen Tower.


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Join the PTUK crew for what we're convinced is our biggest show ever! Carlos, Matt, Captain Al, Pilot Pip and the Aviation Podcasting Legend that is Captain Jeff for a show our producer isn't going to forget for many years!

In this episode we discuss some excellent reporting from the Nottingham Post which literally has Carlos in stitches, long awaited refunds for lost baggage becomes a reality and WOW Air bring more good news for transatlantic low cost travelers.

We also get to talk to the man behind The Airline Pilot Guy Show about his flying career and how THE BEST aviation podcast came about.

We have some great feedback from regular contributors Nev and Sjoert.

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Get comfortable people, this is gonna be a long one!! ;-)

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Join Matt in the Spare Room Studio, Carlos in Oman and Eoin from Malaga for a rather technically challenging episode.

In this week's show we have some good news for Monarch, there was a royal surprise for some lucky BA Passengers, EasyJet are declared the best low cost carrier in Europe and one operator now allows you to pay for your flight in monthly installments.

Matt is lucky enough to meet up with one of our listeners at Duxford and we chat to Eoin about what it's like to be cabin crew with a low cost airline.

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Join Carlos and Matt as they take their weekly trawl through the big aviation stories.

In this episode we discuss problems with one airline as ALL their crews call in sick, we have a passenger jet grounded after it clipped another during take off and one passenger is left with a hefty bill due to an ATC strike.

The legendary Pilot Pip also joins us with a great safety briefing.

Eyes to the sky's everyone. ;-)

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Join Carlos, Matt, Jennifer and Jonathan for this weeks show.

In today's episode we discuss a Tablet causing a flight to be diverted, is there any point to the airlines offering duty free 'in-flight' these days and a drone is blamed for the closure of an airport in Dubai.

Jonathan selects our Military stories this week and we chat to Jennifer about her great blog and love of aviation.

Micah shares with us a very dark secret and we have some great listener feedback from Fabien, Barbara and Mila.

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Join Carlos, Matt, Dr Steph and Micah for a very busy episode.

In this week's show we discuss further problems involving mobile (cell) phone batteries, officially the world's shorted commercial flight and one flight is diverted as the cabin fills with smoke.

Pilot Pip brings us a great segment involving gliding and the results of our 'Best Airliner' listener poll is released.

We also broadcast directly via our own website for the very first time (yes I know, not very exciting to anyone other than Matt lol).

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Join Carlos, Matt and Nevil for this week's trawl through the aviation news highlights.

In this episode we discover that cockpit selfies were outlawed in 1937, low cost transatlantic flights to the states look set to become a reality and one low cost airline has some very bad news for one of our hosts.

We also play out our interview with the Bird Dog pilot at Seething Air Show Day.

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Join Carlos, a very confused Matt, Pilot Pip and a very full chat room for this week's episode of the show.

In today's episode we cover the sad news of the Red Bull Pilot helicopter crash, a rather expensive Piper biz jet enters service and a bad week for Samsung continues as their latest handset is banned from several commercial flights.

Pip joins us from the South of France and we play out the first of our pilot interviews from our local Seething Air Show.

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