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Join Carlos, Matt and NevTek Nev for the first live show of 2017.

In this episode we discuss the various traditional annual 'Best' and 'Worst' survey's that have been released (UK based carriers not fairing well this time round, although there is some good news for Monarch), we discover a rather unusual method for de-icing a Turkish aircraft and Iran welcomes their first post-sanctions airliner.

In the military, recycling is the name of the game as the German government commence the recommission of retired A321's.

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Join Carlos and Matt as they finally introduce their footage from an absolutely incredible weekend that revolved around the Farnborough Air Show 2016.

The festive season is officially over as we return to our usual LIVE programming next week - make sure you're following our social media feeds for the details.

Happy New Year one and all.

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Plane Talking UK Podcast Episode 145

Join Carlos, Matt, Pilot Pip, Captain Al, Captain Nick, Captain Jeff, Dr Steph, The Maine Man Micah, Pasadena Brian, Sir Grant of McHerron, the legendary Steve Visscher and Markus Völter for a pre-recorded mass festive chinwag.

We also play out some fantastic festive feedback which was sent to us by our wonderful Podcast Universe Listeners.

Make sure you're sat down and comfortable - This is a long one! :-D

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Join Carlos and Matt on Christmas eve for the last live show of 2016.

In this week's episode they discuss tax irregularities for 2 low cost carriers, the rather surprising stats that claim 2016 has been the safest year for aviation on record and great news for festive travellers and strike action is called off.

We also announce the winners of our Christmas Competition.

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Join Carlos and Matt for a quick look through the big aviation related stories.

In this week's episode we talk foggy conditions for many airports, Amazon making it's first drone delivery here in the UK and 'Which!' release their Satisfaction survey for short and long haul flights.

It's the last week for our Christmas Caption Competition and the deadline is Wednesday 21st December at 17:00 UTC. Send your entries to Our independant panel will choose our three winners with the announcement being made on our Christmas Eve show at 14:00.

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Join Carlos, Matt and Jonathan for a trawl through the big aviation stories of the week.

In this episode we discuss a disagreement between a low cost carrier flying a new route to Germany, there's a possibiliy restrictions could be lifted on you making phonecalls on your mobile phone during flight and Lufthansa introduce the world to their new luxury private jet.

Jonathan and Carlos takes us through an extended Military News section and we get some great feedback from the lovely Barbara.

Don't forget our caption competition to win one of our great prizes, the picture of which is available on our social media feeds. Send your entries to us via

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Join Carlos and Matt for a slightly shorter than usual show due to technical constraints and issues as they trawl through the big aviation stories focusing on the UK.

In today's episode we bring you the lastest on the awful news regarding the plane crash near Medellin Airport, our favourite low cost airline launches it's 'complete package' offering and there's a near miss as two planes are reported to be less than 900 feet apart at Norwich.

It was a certain co-host's milestone birthday and he was lucky enough to have a few listeners there to help him celebrate and we remind you of our Christmas caption competition. Send your entries to


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Converted with

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Join Carlos, Matt and (the king of all things Tech) Nev for the usual trawl through the big aviation related news.

In this week's show we one carrier decides that the vegas summer is just too damn hot, another drone has a close shave with a passenger jet and a new maintenance facility for Boeing at Gatwick gets the go-ahead.

The A400M has had a busy week in the Military section this week.

We also announce the details of our 'Christmas Caption Competition'. Send your captions for our picture to


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Join Carlos, Matt and Matt (yeah, very confusing) for this week's show.

In today's episode we learn all about a new Canadian low cost carrier, a pilot shortage is reaping havoc for one carrier as it struggles to maintain it's schedule and a UK based firm celebrates a new contract with AirBus.

In the military we discover that India has got it's cheque book out and RAF Surveillance aircraft are grounded due to a technical fault.

Matty Fab is our guest and talks us though his latest training in his quest to become a pilot.

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