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Join Carlos in the Kitchen Studio and Matt via an atrocious digital connection from Clacton-on-Sea as they take their weekly trawl through the week's big Aviation related stories.

In this episode we discuss the worrying news that one carrier has grounded their fleet of Dreamliners, a low-cost carrier is offering free flights to see the Northern Lights (but as you might imagine, there is a catch) and we celebrate the youngest 'round the world' pilot.

It was a short show this week as Matt's connection was proving to be a little challenging.

Don't miss next week's show as we're broadcasting LIVE from the Seething Air Show - Join us if you can for this very special event.

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Join Carlos, Matt, Captain Al and the legend that is Nev for a very special run through the week's big aviation news stories.

In this episode we discuss the possible take-over of one low cost airline, an unexpected baby-on-board air miles package and unlucky flight numbers.

The MaineMan offers us an alternative to the standard flight safety briefing and we play out some more birthday messages for Carlos.

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Join Carlos and Matt as they take their weekly trawl through the aviation related stories that caught their eye.

In this episode we discuss further advances in in-flight WiFi, near miss drone activity in Cornwall and one SERIOUSLY low flying aircraft.

We played out our penultimate interview from RIAT 2016, our resident plane safety expert discusses information overload as he talks us through an ATC conversation and it was a certain person's 40th Birthday.

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Join Carlos and Matt for a very busy weekend of Aviation related fun and games.

We have all the usual news stories plus we talk 'fear of flying' with our special guest who flew into our local airfield in Beccles from Manchester.

We also had a great opportunity to interview Sam Chui - You must watch his youtube videos - His first class experiences have to be seen to be believed.

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Join Carlos and Matt for their trawl through this week's big aviation stories.

In today's show they congratulate Jet2 for being the only UK Airline to make the top ten of the world's highest rated airlines, low cost airlines begin staff recruitment drives and they discuss the birth of jet engine travel.

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Carlos and Matt talk all things Aviation as they return to the Kitchen Studio. They're joined by Special Guest and regular roving reporter for the Plane Crazy Down Under Crew - Kathy Mexted.

In this week's episode they cover the latest on missing flight MH370, one low cost airline brands a complaints survey as nonsense and Turkey commission some new Chinook Helicopters.

We chat to Kathy about her writing portfolio and how her love of flying came about.

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Join Carlos, Matt, Pasadena Brian, The MaineMan Micah and the legendary Captain Al for a brief episode LIVE from the Farnborough Airshow Media Centre.

Wow, what an incredibly memorable weekend it truly was!!

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Join Carlos and Matt for a very brief episode which was recorded live at the Royal International Air Tattoo.

We discuss a Royal visit to the airshow, draught beer on tap in-flight and one Australian low cost airline make the switch from one high profile air-framer to another.

We've got some great interviews and videos to share with you from this great air show which we'll play out in a couple of weeks time.

Next stop for us is Farnborough for the mass-podcast meet up. Make sure you follow our Facebook and Twitter feeds for all the latest details about this once in a lifetime event.

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Join Matt in the studio, Carlos in Malta, Pip in Windsor and Al in Cheshire as together they trawl their way through the week's aviation related stories.

In this episode we give you an update on the latest data lifted from Egypt Air's data recorder, we congratulate a young pilot on his new job at one low cost airline and we profile a couple of first appearance aircraft we're looking forward to seeing at RIAT.

Carlos and Matt will be at RIAT on Sunday 10th July so if you're there, make sure you come say hello.


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Join Carlos, Matt and Nev as they discuss the big aviation stories of the week.

In today's episode they cover one low cost carrier's attempt to connect the UK and India, good news for all aviation enthusiasts as an american museum opens a new Aviation Pavilion and it's raining luggage in on arrival's hall.

As the political landscape here in the UK takes a dramatic turn, our resident pilot gives us some food for thought in these uncertain times.

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