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Join Carlos, Matt and Micah for their trawl through this week's big aviation related news stories.

In this episode we discuss new destinations for 2017 from Norwich, an update on the 'FlyDubai' incident and urgent repair is ordered for the Dreamliner fleet. We've got some great Military stories picked out by our excellent guest Micah.

We also talk to our resident safety expert LIVE on location as he tackles his London Marathon challenge.

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Join Carlos, Matt, Pip and Al for what can only be described as a rather chaotic trawl through this week's aviation headlines.

In this week's episode we discuss six aborted landings, business class flying with a low cost carrier, our British Flag carrier is taking team GB to Rio and an A340 begins it's new life offering zero-gravity flights.

Our guests were in fine fettle this week and (as usual) we had some great questions that were put to them in our chat room during the live show.

Some great audio feedback from Craig really got us all chatting too.

Pip is running the London Marathon in next week's show and (if Matt can work his magic) we're hoping to talk to him LIVE to find out how it's going. Find out all the info on his page - :-)

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Join Carlos, Matt and Mila for their weekly trawl through the big aviation stories that made the news wires.

In this episode we discuss problems with one low cost carrier's baggage handling capabilities in Luton, another LCC celebrates a Boeing milestone and a buy-out is on the cards for an American based carrier.

Pip brings us a segment from the flight deck where he discusses alternative landing sites. He's only two weeks away from taking part in the London Marathon so if you can spare even just £1, I'm sure he'd really appreciate your support - Take yourself to for details on how to donate. :-)

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Join Carlos from the Conservatory Studio and Matt from the bank of Loch Tay in Scotland for their usual trawl through the weekly aviation stories.

In this episode we discuss a violent yoga passenger, an official warning from the FAA for all Boeing 787 pilots and a new code share deal between two unlikely partners is announced. We also have some listener feedback to enjoy discussing inaccurate media reporting.

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Join Carlos (and Bert) from the Conservatory Studio and Matt from the stunning Scottish village of Kenmore for their regular trawl of the aviation news wires here in the UK.

In this week's episode we discuss state-of-the-art cabin upgrades for Airbus, our favourite low cost airline finally discovers that being nice to customers is paying off and a science teacher flies coast to coast in a bio-fuel first.

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Join Carlos, Matt and Nevil as they take a stroll through the big aviation stories of the week.

In today's episode we cover the breaking story involving the Russian Air Crash, Delta takes delivery of it's first A321 and large numbers in growth are predicted for Air Travel in India.

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Join Carlos and Matt for their usual trawl through the weekly Aviation related news.

In this edition, we cover further success for 2 low cost carriers, more flight cancellations as security issues in Sharm continue and major concerns are raised at Heathrow as someone boards and locks themselves in the cockpit of a parked BA plane.

Our resident flight safety expert discusses the importance of runway lighting and what the colour schemes denote.

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Join Carlos, Matt and our guest host Matty Fab as they take their regular skim through the big aviation stories focused here in the UK.

In this week's podcast we discuss the ever growing list of problems caused by drones and lasers invading the UK's air space, another flight is forced to make an unscheduled landing due to unruly passengers, talk of a new 'Concorde' gathers pace and one London airport finds a new owner for it's ATC Tower.

Our resident pilot talks us through runway lighting and what the various colours mean. Don't forget he's running the London Marathon and its getting very close so sponsor him if you can - we have. Goto for the details.

We also chat to Matty Fab about all things PPL.

It's a busy old show! :-D

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Join Carlos, Matt and special guest Keith as they take their weekly trawl through the big Aviation stories which matter to us here in the UK.

We discuss the effects a potential 'Brexit' would have on the cost of your flight, an aircraft it taken out of service because of 'Bed Bugs' and Glasgow is the latest victim of the 'Laser Pointer' epidemic.

Keith talks to us about the amazing world of aviation and the challenges a pilot faces when it's regularly -30 degrees celsius.

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Join Carlos and Matt from the flight deck of the Iconic Vulcan Flight Deck for their 100th (!!!) show. We have the usual trawl through the big commercial and military aviation stories of the week as well as a segment from our resident pilot / marathon runner.

Our 100th episode wouldn't be the same without the mandatory Ryan Air customer service faux pas, we bring you the latest on the Bombardier job cuts and details of Virgin Galactic's new craft have been released.

Colin from the Norwich Aviation Museum chats to Carlos about the Vulcan and their big plans for the future and we share with you the great Voice Feedback we received from you, our lovely listeners.

We really can't thank the staff enough for all their support with this special episode and would strongly recommend a visit to the museum. All the details you need can be found at

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