Plane Talking UK's Podcast

Join Carlos, Matt and special guest Keith as they take their weekly trawl through the big Aviation stories which matter to us here in the UK.

We discuss the effects a potential 'Brexit' would have on the cost of your flight, an aircraft it taken out of service because of 'Bed Bugs' and Glasgow is the latest victim of the 'Laser Pointer' epidemic.

Keith talks to us about the amazing world of aviation and the challenges a pilot faces when it's regularly -30 degrees celsius.

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Join Carlos and Matt from the flight deck of the Iconic Vulcan Flight Deck for their 100th (!!!) show. We have the usual trawl through the big commercial and military aviation stories of the week as well as a segment from our resident pilot / marathon runner.

Our 100th episode wouldn't be the same without the mandatory Ryan Air customer service faux pas, we bring you the latest on the Bombardier job cuts and details of Virgin Galactic's new craft have been released.

Colin from the Norwich Aviation Museum chats to Carlos about the Vulcan and their big plans for the future and we share with you the great Voice Feedback we received from you, our lovely listeners.

We really can't thank the staff enough for all their support with this special episode and would strongly recommend a visit to the museum. All the details you need can be found at

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Join Carlos from Las Vegas and Matt from boring ole Suffolk for their usual trawl through the big aviation stories of the week.

In this week's episode we discuss potential competition from one of the big boys' for one Irish low cost carrier at Stansted, the rebrand of a British travel icon is announced and details of teething troubles are announced for one carrier's NEO investment. We also dip into some of the Military goings on. :-)

We also release the details surrounding our milestone 100th episode next week (see Facebook and Twitter for further details).

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Join Carlos, Matt and the legendary Pilot Pip for their weekly trawl through the big aviation stories.

In this episode we cover a near miss with a professional grade drone at Stansted, one low cost carrier has the bailiffs sent in, news emerges of a currently unexplained explosion on an A321 in Mogadishu and some great audio listener feedback.

Make sure you're listening next week for some very exciting news about our 100th episode on the 20th February 2016.

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