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Plane Talking UK's Podcast

Carlos, Nev, Armando and Matt bring you a weekly Podcast that will focus on the Commercial and Military Aviation news relating to us long suffering members of the general public.

Mar 25, 2018

Join us from a very full barn studio for today's episode of the show.

This week we're talking about one airline that is giving it's passengers a 'waist' restriction, a 787 experiences a nose wheel collapse during maintenance and the launch customer for the 737 MAX 9 takes their first delivery. We also have 3 'Top Tens'.

In the military we pay our respects to the Red Arrow's engineer and the USAF criticises Boeing as the delays continue for the KC46.

Joining us LIVE on Friday 6th of April is Andy Coulson - Head of Operations for Farnborough Air Show so get your questions in for him either live in the chat room or via email on