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Plane Talking UK's Podcast

Carlos, Nev, Armando and Matt bring you a weekly Podcast that will focus on the Commercial and Military Aviation news relating to us long suffering members of the general public.

Oct 14, 2021

Join Carlos, Nev and Matt for this week's episode.

In this week's show some spirit airline passengers smell burning, Matt takes a look at contactless food, and Nev has some exciting news about BA's Big Busses .

In the military in the USAF's new replacement for the EC-130 COMPASS CALL makes its inaugural flight (it's a Gulfstream); Boeing's T-7 Jayhawk continues production; Sikorsky UH-60 BLACKHAWKs could be produced in the UK; and finally we see some amazing images and videos from Bones at Fairford and Globemasters Down Under.

Captain Nick continues his chat with Mike Wildeman about his incredible flying career.