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Plane Talking UK's Podcast

Carlos, Nev, Armando and Matt bring you a weekly Podcast that will focus on the Commercial and Military Aviation news relating to us long suffering members of the general public.

Feb 2, 2022

Join, Carlos, Matt, Nev and Armando for this week's programme.

In this week's packed show Airbus & Qatar argue about paint, Airbus rents out some aircraft to earn a few quid, and a Boeing 747 that cost a quid is turned into a nightclub.

In the military, another F-35 crashes into the ocean, this time an American F-35C into the South China Sea while pictures emerge of the recovered British F-35 that plopped into the sea a few weeks ago.  A couple ex-RAF BAe-146s are headed to museums, and Armando talks about how the Air Force is tackling its own pilot shortage.

We also update you on our special 400th Show at the end of February!

Here are the links to the stories we featured this week :


Airbus cancelled Qatar Airways's order for 50 A321 jets worth more than $6 billion as the 2 companies' dispute intensifies

Airbus to create own airline to rent out whale plane

British Airways Jumbo Jet Bought for £1 Turned into 'Party Plane'

Pilots of World’s Largest Airplane Reveal Flight Details

United Airlines Flight To Israel Diverts Due To Self-Upgraders

Flight Systems Stolen From Arik Air Boeing 737

British Airways announces a move to JFK's revamped Terminal 8

Boom Supersonic Picks Greensboro, North Carolina, for its ‘Superfactory’

Door Ripped Off Of British Airways Boeing 777 In Cape Town

Factorydesign’s unique Access concept delivers direct aisle access for Boeing 737, Airbus A320 business class.

Dornier Seawings Adds Light Sport Seaplane to Its Lineup

A snow-covered stored Olympic Airways Boeing 747-200 tail tips


Photo Emerges Of Crashed British F-35B

7 injured after F-35 jet crashes on aircraft carrier in South China Sea

Two ex-RAF BAe 146 aircraft to be preserved at museums

F1 bans pre-race military flypasts but Red Arrows are OK

Air Force Strategies Chipping Away at Pilot Shortfall