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Plane Talking UK's Podcast

Carlos, Nev, Armando and Matt bring you a weekly Podcast that will focus on the Commercial and Military Aviation news relating to us long suffering members of the general public.

Aug 28, 2022

Join Carlos, Matt and Armando for this week's show.

In this week's show a new runway opens in Ireland, KLM get grinchy & one Boeing 737 decides to lose some weight.
In the military, the Italian Armed Forces fly their new helicopter and the A321LR puts on it Gray outfit for a new mission.

We chat with Ben as he continues his Journey towards the ultimate dream.

In part 2 of the interview that we did with Patrick Elliott and Linda Walker at the Seething fly in at the start of July, the couple took their Long EZ around the world. But in order to ship it to various parts of the world, the aircraft had to be taken apart. Carlos talked to them about the challenges of doing this and the logistics that were involved.

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Here are the links to the stories we featured this week :


New €320m runway opens at Dublin Airport with Ryanair flight

KLM no longer giving pilots free flights to work

UK Software Startup Helping Pilots Fly More Efficiently

Alaska Boeing 737-900 engine cowl opens in flight

London to get new airport as Manston is cleared for take-off

Coming to a giant airport screen: Your personal flight information

British-Belgian pilot, 17, becomes youngest to fly around the world solo