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Plane Talking UK's Podcast

Carlos, Nev, Armando and Matt bring you a weekly Podcast that will focus on the Commercial and Military Aviation news relating to us long suffering members of the general public.

Mar 19, 2023

Join Carlos, Matt and Armando for this week's episode.

In this week's show one aircraft does a VERY short field landing, another A380 is re-born & one suitcase goes on its very own airport trip without any human interaction 
In the military we get an update on the ongoing development of the newest Air Force One and the USS Gerald Ford, the Navy's newest aircraft carrier, gets under way. 

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Here are some of the links to the stories we featured this week :


Ryanair says Malta air traffic control 'misbehaviour' causes fuel wastage

First Airbus A380 redelivered to Etihad after pandemic grounding

Saudi Arabia launches new national airline

Skytrax Awards; World's Best Airports

Los Angeles startup Universal Hydrogen successfully completes 15-minute test flight

Helicopter heist goes awry: Thief crashes stolen chopper at Sacramento Executive Airport

US airports now have software to prevent aircraft from landing on taxiways by mistake

Airline Fined $225,000 After Police Had to Free Passengers From Flight in Florida

Carbon Cub Pilot Takes STOL to The Extreme With Helipad Landing

'Crazy' man adds jet engines to biplane in garden shed

Run-away Luggage


Airforce One New Livery Revealed

Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall reveals that the USAF Plans to buy 200 NGAD Fighter Jets and 1,000 Collaborative Combat Aircraft

The US Navy's newest supercarrier is underway with all its available airpower for the first time