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Plane Talking UK's Podcast

Carlos, Nev, Armando and Matt bring you a weekly Podcast that will focus on the Commercial and Military Aviation news relating to us long suffering members of the general public.

Mar 26, 2023

Join Carlos, Nev and Nik for this week's episode.

In the commercial, we've got coffee causing chaos, chaotic tweets and crazy passengers.
In the military this week we talk about A-10s, U-2s, Apaches, MiG-29's, and even a Messerschmitt or two.

Don't forget you can get in touch with us all at :
WhatsApp +44 757 22 491...

Mar 19, 2023

Join Carlos, Matt and Armando for this week's episode.

In this week's show one aircraft does a VERY short field landing, another A380 is re-born & one suitcase goes on its very own airport trip without any human interaction 
In the military we get an update on the ongoing development of the newest Air Force One and...

Mar 12, 2023

Join Carlos, Matt, Armando and Nick Codling for this week's episode.

In this week's show we have more unruly behaviour in the skies and Carlos breaks down the REAL costs of learning to fly in the UK.  

Armando brings us some sad news about the Reno Air Races. 

In the military, the new AC-130 Gunship unleashes hell on...

Mar 6, 2023

Join Carlos, Matt and Nev for the 446th installment of the Plane Talking UK Podcast.

In this week's show one pilot gives his passengers a free light show, two dreamliners are scrapping, & its all drone drone drone.
In the military a C-130 passes gas to a tank and we have an update on one of the F-35 mishaps from last...

Feb 26, 2023

Join Carlos, Matt and Nev who returns from his world tour of cable management for episode 445.

In this week's show things get stingy with BA, and its flying cars in Australia & Emirates builds a A380 out of plastic.... Or do they?

In the Military a UH-60 appears and its not in the USA & a B17 takes a trip but not in the...