Plane Talking UK's Podcast

Join Carlos & Matt for the Christmas special show where this week we have a very special guest host with us, he's the host of the Maiden Flight Podcast & a pilot himself we  welcome onto the show Mark Maiden.

We have loads of news from the UK & around the globe this week plus some military aviation news also we reveal the answers to our competition and the lucky winners!!!!.

A big thankyou to Mark for joining us, you can find mark at & on itunes search for Maiden flight podcast .

You can also find mark on twitter @markisflying 


We hope you enjoy the show & congratulations to our competition winners!!

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Plane Talking UK Podcast Episode 41

Join Carlos & Matt this week for episode 41 of the show where this week we have lots of aviation news from the UK & around the globe .

We have a story about the issues this week in the UK with NATS & also some worrying news about the Airbus A-380 super jumbo.

Dont forget our competition were running the questions are in the show & also you can see the details on our Facebook page.

Remember we love feedback & comments and want to hear from our listeners.

Fins us at

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Plane Talking UK Podcast Episode 40

Join Carlos back in the kitchen studio for another show where this week we welcome back simon after his break.

We have loads of great news including some UAV news and news on the new gate guardians at heathrows terminal 4 .

Dont forget our competition to win some PTUK T-shirts & Callenders details can be found on our Facebook page !!

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Plane Talking UK Podcast Episode 39

Join carlos & Matt for another show where this week we have loads of great aviation news and witty banter .

and dont forget our xmas competition we are running details are on our Facebook page .

Hope you enjoy the show.

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Plane Talking UK Podcast Episode 38

Join Carlos this week on episode 38 of the Plane Talking Podcast for another News packed show where this week we see the return of Matt Smith in the kitchen studio.

Matt is covering for Simon this week as simon is busy working "and plane spotting".

This week we look at loads of great news storys from around the world and the UK including a UAV near miss with a Virgin Atlantic aircraft, we also have some military news which includes a story on the Textron Scorpion multi roll jet.

Dont forget our competition we are running details can be found on this show and on our facebook & website

Thanks to Matt Smith for his help today! 

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Plane Talking UK Podcast Episode 37

Join Carlos & Simon for another Special episode of the Plane Talking UK Podcast where this week on our 1 year aniversary show we have a very special guest on the show .

We welcome into the kitchen studio Alan Bales from the Pitts Aerobatic Challenge,

Alan is training himself to be a display aerobatic pilot and wow what a great guest for our birthday show.

Find out more about Alan at

We had a great show and thank Alan for his time in coming into the studio.

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Join Carlos where this week we have a special guest co-host joining carlos in the studio Matt Smith takes Simon's place as he is busy trick or treating with his girls.

We have all the usual news and reviews from the UK & around the world 

Also Matt brings us the military segment and a bit of european airshow news.

Dont forget you can contact the show via our website at


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Plane Talking UK Podcast Episode 35

Join Carlos & Simon live from the kitchen studio for another news & info packed show where this week we chat about Carlos's latest trip to Oman & his transfer woes also Simon has his military news & airshow dates for 2014.

We are also nearly 1 year old since our first episode 1 which we released on the 6th November 2014!! so in two weeks time we are going to run a competition to win a PTUK calendar !

Find us on

& on Facebook & Twitter also our video channel on youtube.

Enjoy the show

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Carlos brings you a Quickcast from Oman about his not so great experience with transfer flights & delays.

Only a quick show 

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Plane Talking UK Podcast Episode 34

Join Carlos & Simon whos back in the PTUK studio this week for another show paqcked with all the news from around the UK & world airline news.

Simon tells us about his aviation tour with David Harris & what hes been up to.

Dont forget to follow us on Twitter & Like us on Facebook 

Also check out the website at 

Also if you download the show via iTunes we would love it if you left us a review on iTunes so we know were doing our jobs right LOL .

Hope you enjoy the show!!!!.........

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