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Carlos and Matt introduce the first part of the interviews Carlos took at the Malta Aviation Museum.

We also have some festive messages from a few of our listeners. Merry Christmas to all our loyal listeners / viewers.

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Join Carlos and Matt for their last trawl of 2015 through the big aviation stories of the week.

In this week's episode we discuss one airlines decision to extend their 'no fly' into Sharm, another low cost airline extends their network to include Luton airport and the Netherlands finally retire one of their helicopter fleets after 51 years.

We also announce the winners of this year's christmas competition.

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Join Carlos, Matt and our partner in Crime Pilot Pip for their (slightly) festive trawl through this week's aviation related stories.

In the news this week we discuss a rather worrying incident involving a low cost carrier, the lastest cancellation / delay figures are released (not good news for UK carriers) and sad news regarding the Manchester Air Show.

We also play out our last set of interviews Carlos took at the Malta Air Show.

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Join Carlos, Matt for their usual trawl through this week's big Aviation stories along with their very special guest Dr Steph.

Highlights include Richard Branson setting his sights on space travel again, a dry solder joint is cited as the cause in the Indonesian Air Crash and FinnAir launch a pilot recruitment drive.

Thanks to all those in the chat room this week for their patience and who had some great questions for Dr Steph. :-)

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Join Carlos, Matt and our very special guest Grant from 'Plane Crazy Down Under' for the usual trawl through this week's big aviation related stories.

In this week's episode we discuss the worrying incident of a Military Grade Laser pointer, Transatlantic flights costing a staggering £99 and a story about the first carrier to sign up to the new airline Ombudsmen service which is guaranteed to surprise you.

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Join Carlos and Matt in the conservatory studio for this week's regular trawl through the world of aviation.

In this weeks episode we discuss the ongoing troubles at Sharm el Sheikh airport, a Norwegian low cost carrier is granted a license to operate here in the UK and Storm Barney brings joy to spotters with an unexpected 'Dolphin' landing.

Great feedback from all the guys in the chatroom today as always. We're recording Saturday 28th November at 10:00am GMT so why not join us as we welcome our special guest Grant McHerron from Plane Crazy Down Under. :-)

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Carlos, Matt and our special guest Captain Al trawl their way through this week's big Aviation related news worthy events.

Highlights include BA WiFi rollout, Google Glass dropped in favour of Windows 10 and Boeing celebrate milestone with low cost carrier.

Lots of great questions flooded in for our fantastic and very patient guest as we worked through a few technical glitches and we'd like thank him for finding time in his busy schedule to spend the entire show with us.

Don't forget to send in your feedback (either via email or in the form of an audio clip) as we love to hear from you. For more information, go to for all the information you could possibly need.


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Join Carlos and Matt for this week's very busy show.

In this episode we have the very latest on the Russian / Egyptian Air Crash, more positive news for an Irish Low Cost Carrier and an A400M commences it's certification process for grass landing.

We've got more from the Malta Air Show, the Legendary Pip returns for a great segment on 'Flying in Fog' and we share some more Listener Audio Feedback with you.

A busy ole show. :-)

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Join Carlos and Matt for their usual trawl through the week's big aviation stories recorded on Saturday 31st October 2015.

Just as we went on air the first reports of a terrible incident 20 minutes after an A321 left Sharm El-Shaikh, the fall out continues as a Russian Air Passenger Carrier remains grounded and a helicopter pilot is fined for entering Category D airspace without permission.

We also have a smattering of Military Aviation News and our first batch of interviews that Carlos took whilst at the 2015 Airshow in Malta.

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Join Carlos and Matt for their weekly trawl through the big Aviation related stories.

In this week's episode we talk about a man who is jailed for endangering aircraft with a laser pointer, a pensioner who is heavily fined for asking directions and an engine covering is discovered as missing over french airspace.

The chat room was buzzing as per usual and we had lots of listener / viewer feedback which we always love to receive.

We record the show usually on a Friday evening around 6pm GMT so why not get yourself on YouTube and join in on episode 84.

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