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Join Carlos, Nev and Matt as they take a look through the world of aviation.

In an episode that appears to be sponsored by a low cost carrier and the British flag carrier we discuss a new low cost UK carrier, outrage as an airline's website goes offline for maintenance during a sale and there's a refit on the cards for the A380.

We get some feedback from the Virgin Lounge at Melbourne Airport.

It's a sad day in the world of Military as Lossiemouth lose their Tornado Squadron.

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Join Carlos, Matt, Al, Pip and Mila for their latest trawl through the news stories of the week.

In this episode we discuss the Uber of the aviation world, unhappy passengers kick up a storm over snow cancellations and one ground handling crew has some questions to answer over passenger luggage.

We're treated to some great feedback from Jenny in Rome and some of the lineup for RIAT is announced.

If you haven't done so already, why not treat your ears to a great listen with the Plane Safety Podcast hosted by our resident flight expert Pilot Pip. -


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Join Carlos, Matt and Adrian as they take their weekly trawl through the big aviation news of the week.

In today's show we discuss double beds in for one airline, our national treasure of an airline reduces it's seat pitch to much furore and an investigation is launched at one airline as an allegation is lodged over a pilot participating in the 'pre-flight' safety demonstration.

Pilot Pip discusses the rather raw subject in light of French Air Traffic Control strikes of Diversions.

In the military we're talking custom paint jobs for fighter jets and there's talk of Osprey's being fitted with Rocket Guns. A link to one story sent in to us by one of our awesome listeners HAS to be seen to be believed with the F35 Fighter :

We talk to Adrian about his recent acquisition and his path to obtaining his PPL.

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Join Carlos (yes he's back!), Matt, Captain Nick and (should be) Sir Rick Bell for this week's Aviation News.

In this episode we discuss strict baggage allowance enforcement at Dubai airport, Wizz Air announce new plans for a base at Luton and Citylink are suspended by aviation watchdog for severe weather take off.

The official report into the Shoreham Air Show incident is released and the government document can be found on their website here -

In the military we discuss some of the news which was released at Avalon this week.

We also chat to Rick Bell about the forthcoming 'Wings over Pittsburgh' event in May. Full details can be found here -

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Join Nev, Matt and Sjoert as they run through the big aviation news stories of the week.

In this episode we discuss a spot bother thanks to Storm Doris, low cost transatlantic air travel becomes a reality and a 'Concorde v2' build schedule.

In the military there's an unusual theft from RAF Marham and the the German Airforce escort a commercial jet after tower contact is lost.

Nev and Sjoert tell us all about the APG / PTUK / Plane Safety meetup at Lelystad and all those at the Aviation Museum tell us about their favourte exhibits.

NevTech has officially launched their new website so make sure you give it a look -

Regular viewers / listeners to the show will, no doubt, have been following Maty Fab's progress as he studies his PPL and he's very kindly shared with us a great video of him and his family on a pleasure flight. His YouTube channel is a highly recommended view for all aviation enthusiasts so take yourselves to for a real treat.

Normal service will be resumed as Carlos returns to the helm for next week. Our thanks to our super-sub Nev for stepping in.


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Plane Talking UK Podcast Episode 152

Join Carlos, Matt, Nev, Pip and Eoin for this week's fun packed show.

In this episode we discuss a fopaux by a leading resistance member and the man partly responsible for the awakening of the the dark side, an unusual method of getting round a low cost baggage allowance issue and free food returns to coach passengers flying with a big American carrier.

In the military, Airbus faces possible legal action by the Austrian government and the Russians are up to their usual tricks upsetting the Americans.

Our thanks as always go to our guest hosts Pip (, Nev ( and Eoin for all their help. :-)

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Plane Talking UK Podcast Episode 151

Join Carlos, Matt and special guest Ken for this week's show.

In this episode we discuss one courier's air expansion plans, an infamous low cost carrier feels it's being too nice to it's customers and we discover our chat room is very divided about a national carrier's new livelry.

We chat to Ken Hoke about the fascinating world of Air Cargo Transportation. His website is a strongly recommended browse for all aviation enthusiasts -

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Plane Talking UK Podcast Episode 150

Join Carlos, Matt, Jason, Captain Jeff, Captain Al, the Maine Man Micah, Sjoert Bakker, David Abbey and Philip Davis for a very special anniversary show.

In this week's episode we discover the rather unique twist of a dog friendly airline, there's talk of an alliance between Norwegian and 2 low cost airlines and there is much discord amongst some of our guests over the talk of gyms in airports.

From all the Plane Talking Podcast team we'd like to thank you, our wonderful listeners, for your interest and support for our show.

Here's to 150 more shows - Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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Join Carlos, Matt and special guest Don for this week's show.

In today's episode we discuss strike action at BA, American Airlines doing away with headrest screens and Eye Scans begin to replace boarding passes at some airports.

We talk to Don Sebastian about his fascinating day job - Make sure you check out his website for further details about his work on

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Join Carlos and Matt for their usual weekly rundown of the big aviation related news stories.

Today we discuss the rediculous cost of rail travel, a low cost airline is forced to abort their landing because of the cabin crew and we discuss the unlikely topic of moisturising pyjamas.

In the military we discuss a diplomatic incident with the Irish government.

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